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Minor in French

Why Minor in French at Eastern? 

The minor in French at Eastern University includes courses in French conversation and composition, the Francophone world, phonetics and phonology and Francophone Literature. A student minoring in French is encouraged to study abroad and take up to three or more courses in French/Francophone literature, arts, and other fields of study pertaining to their interests in a study abroad program approved by Eastern University.

A minor in French offers many opportunities to students to be more competitive in this global market. As French is spoken by more than 400 million of people in 5 continents, a graduate student with a minor in French will have opportunities to work in international organizations or American companies who might favor candidates who know a foreign language. With a minor in French, students can also have the opportunity to teach French in some schools.

Learning French can enhance a student understanding of the impact of France‘s history and culture in the world as well as its historical and political relationship with Francophone countries. It will open the doors to great works of arts and literature from France, Quebec, the French Caribbean, North and West Africa among others. Students will also appreciate French cinema, music and the visual arts.

The Minor in French

Eighteen hours in French which may include FREN 101-102 and 201, 202.

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