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Minor in Gender Studies

Why Minor in Gender Studies at Eastern? 

Eastern Students have the option of registering for a minor in Gender Studies. Choose any 18 credits from the list of 3-credit courses below. This minor is ‘housed’ in the psychology department, and any questions can be directed to Dr. Landi Turner (Email: YTurner2@eastern.edu)

PSY322 Psychology of Gender
SWK258 Women's Issues and Services
ENG225 Post-colonial Women's Novels
PSY330c- Psychology of the family (Special Topics class offered beginning Sp 2014)
INST480- Christian Marriage
BIB325 Women in Scripture and Tradition
POS 316 Women and Politics
SWK 110 Human Diversity and Social Interaction
COM 304 Family Communication
SWK 253 Social Work with Families
COM 322 Mass Media and Cultural Studies
SOC 312 Majority/Minority Relations
SOC 315 Social Stratification
ENG 210 Literature of Women
THEO316 Theology of the Body
SOC 310 The Family
PSY/ENG 299 Seminar by the Sea
-  Recommended for all Gender Studies Minors (a 3-week, Gender Studies course held in Maine. For more information see www.seminarbythesea.com)

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