BA in Criminal Justice

Why Major in Criminal Justice?

Criminal Justice is one of the most popular programs at many colleges and universities across the country. With its dual commitment to the integration of critical analysis and applied knowledge, Eastern University’s liberal arts-based criminal justice program prepares students for law school and graduate study as well as for a significant number of career options. These include: law enforcement, advocacy, community organizing, policy and planning, public service, ministry, and others.

Why Major in Criminal Justice at Eastern?

In keeping with Eastern University’s mission of faith, reason, and justice, the mission of the Criminal Justice program is to provide students with an education that is grounded in the liberal arts and prepares them for entry-level careers as well as for graduate study. Anchored in the Christian worldview, this program is driven by a restorative justice perspective that emphasizes prevention and restoration, with a commitment to human redemption on the domestic and global level.

With its small classes, privileged location near Philadelphia, ample internship opportunities, and substantive connections with law enforcement and the Academy of Criminal Justice Studies, Eastern University offers students an ideal path to a degree by offering a major in criminal justice.

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