Certification in General Supervisor (PreK-12)

Certification in General Supervisor (N-12)

The Supervisor Certification programs are offered only at the graduate level.   Candidates must hold certification in the area of the Supervisory Certificate they are seeking and have completed five years of satisfactory experience in the areas of the Supervisory Certificate.  General Supervisor certification is offered in the following areas: Early Childhood (PreK-4), World Language (French, Spanish), Middle Level, and Secondary (Biology, Chemistry, Citizenship, Communications, English, Mathematics, and Social Studies).

The successful completion of this program will prepare students to supervise certification areas in the Early Childhood (PreK-4), Middle Level (4-8) or secondary (7-12) level.  This program can be combined with M.Ed. in Multicultural Education. See the Program of Study that list course requirements for this certification and the M.Ed. in Multicultural Education.

PA Certification Requirements

Applicants must fulfill the following requirements before being recommended for a PA certification in their certification area.

  • 5 years of satisfactory professional experience as certified teachers in the supervisory certification areas
  • An exiting GPA of 3.0
  • Successful Completion of course requirements in their certification area
  • Successful Completion of PRAXIS II test in supervision
  • Practicum taken in a school district under the supervision of a district supervisor with certification in supervision of the area of certification and a college

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