Certification in School Principalship (K-12)

Certification in School Principalship (K-12)

The Educational Leadership Program will lead you through the new educational challenges and models, while building your capacity for strategic thinking and effective action. The program integrates internship experiences with those of the classroom, so that your entire program is field-based.

Program Description

This new offering includes all the strengths of an Eastern University graduate program:

  • Online courses for student flexibility
  • Field-based research that challenges your thinking and creativity 
  • The integration of Christian faith and values 
  • A global and multicultural perspective on education 
  • Individualized programs of study 
  • Experienced faculty who combine theory and practice in their teaching 

Applicants must have completed three years of satisfactory professional school experience and hold a PA current Instructional I and II certification before being admitted to the program.  The successful completion of this program will prepare them to administrate elementary schools (K-6) and secondary schools (7-12) as Principal or Vice Principal.  This program may be combined with M. Ed. in Multicultural Education. See the Program of Study that list course requirements for this certification and the M. Ed. in Multicultural Education.

PA Certification Requirements

Applicants must fulfill the following requirements before being recommended for a PA certification in their certification area.

  • An exiting GPA of 3.0
  • Successful completion of course requirements
  • Successful completion of PRAXIS II test
  • Internship (360 hours) in their certification area 
  • 5 years of professional school experience (teaching, guidance counselor, etc.)
  • PA Instructional I and II certification

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