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Program Distinctives

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Rooted in the Christian Faith- Our faculty and staff infuse the program with a commitment to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Goals and Philosophy:

  • Synthesize organizational leadership theory with the professional knowledge and competencies required for leadership within a particular sector.
  • Create and execute a significant research project resulting in a dissertation that contributes to their respective  disciplines.
  • Demonstrate an increasingly mature commitment to an outward-looking vision of organizational, community, and societal transformation through the integration of faith, reason, and justice.
  • Demonstrate knowledge gained in respective concentrations through application of theory in practice
. 
  • Interdisciplinary Approach - With specialization in the concentrations of business, education and nonprofit, we provide an interdisciplinary approach to leadership studies.

  • Cohort Learning Community - Students belong to cohorts of about 20 peers and progress through the program together, often creating life-long learning communities.

  • Blended Delivery Model- Our students access coursework online and attend three residencies per year in St. Davids, PA.  Learn more about the Blended Delivery Model
  • Curriculum Combining Theory and Practice - The Ph.D. Curriculum consists of foundation courses, research, business leadership, nonprofit leadership, educational leadership, comprehensive examination and dissertation. The program mandates three years of coursework, plus a dissertation phase. The length of the dissertation phase is determined by the progress of individual students. It is typical to complete the program within 5 years.  Students have 10 years from their admission to the program to complete the entire program. Learn more on the Curriculum Page.

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