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Enrollment and Cost Information

Applications are being accepted for the Fall 2014 Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership cohort.

Once accepted into the program, students must submit a $150 deposit  (if international student please refer to international requirements for deposit) and register for classes. Once students are registered, they receive usernames and passwords for email, access to Blackboard, Eastern’s intranet and library resources.

To successfully complete the Ph.D. program, students must earn 60 credits in foundation, concentration, research, and dissertation courses. In order for students to begin the dissertation proposal phase, they must successfully complete comprehensive exams of the core curriculum.

U.S. citizens and permanent residents enrolled in the doctoral program are eligible for Stafford Loans, if they have not exhausted their financial aid opportunities in previous programs. The structure of this program qualifies as full-time enrollment, and all of the federal aid possibilities it entails. For more information, consult Eastern’s Financial Aid Web site.

More information can be found through Student Accounts Tuition Information.  Procedures for payment are detailed on the Student Accounts Web site.

General Calendar

The basic calendar framework is three years of coursework followed by research for the dissertation. There are three terms per year: September-December, January-April, May-August, with two courses offerings (6 credits) per term.

2014-2015 Calendar

  Residency Online Reading Period
Fall Term Sept. 10-13 (Cohort 8: Sept. 7-10)  Aug. 27 – Nov. 23  Nov. 24 – Dec. 5
Spring Term Jan. 21-24 Jan.12 – Apr. 12          Apr. 13 - 24
Summer Term May 20 - 23 May 13 – July 26  July 27 – Aug. 7

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