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U.S. Cohorts

Delivered at one of Eastern University’s Greater Philadelphia area campuses, this program is offered in a blended (online and residency) format with courses offered during nine weekends over a period of 22 months combined with online coursework in between each weekend residency. Students will progress through the program with the same people they started the program with and enjoy interacting with new students each term. This provides for a vibrant learning community and great networking opportunities.

In addition to the courses, students are required to complete a capstone project, prepare a leadership portfolio, and deliver two public presentations during the 22 months of the program. Students must have high-speed internet access and be available for online discussions, webinars, and other assignments weekly as each course professor requires.

For more information about upcoming U.S. cohorts, please contact Brian Ranck at 610-341-4364, or fill out and submit our online U.S. inquiry form.

Africa Cohorts

Designed for working practitioners, this blended online and residency delivery model combines the convenience of distance learning with the collaborative learning approach of the traditional classroom. Students from around the world attend a 2.5 week residency.  During the residency students are immersed in classroom study with their cohort covering material from five different courses. Over the next 10 months students finish the courses they began during the residency via distance learning.  This process repeats itself during year two. This approach takes two years to complete and includes two short-term residencies.  No field placement is required.

For more information on the International Blended Online Program, please contact Lindsey Perry at 610-341-1311, or fill out and submit our online International inquiry form.

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