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Economic Development - Concentrations

There are currently two concentrations within the Economic Development program from which to choose.  Each concentration has two delivery options, each designed to accomodate your needs.

International Concentration:

We currently offer our International concentration of the Economic Development program in the following methods of delivery:

  1. A full-time, cohort-based program in Pennsylvania for full-time students - 15 months to complete.
  2. A USA Annual Residency - 3 years to complete.

Urban Concentration:

Our Urban Concentration of the Economic Development program is currently offered in two deliveries:

  1. A full-time, cohort-based in Pennsylvania for full-time students - 15 months to complete.
  2. Mission Year + Eastern Partnership Urban Blended Online program - 2 years to complete. 

More information on each program delivery detailed below

U.S. Full-Time Cohort - International or Urban concentration - 15 months

This MBA program is a full-time, 15-month program - 12 months in the US and, for the International concentration, 3 months in a developing country (required 'field semester'). The Urban concentration requires equivalent credit hours in a CBDT, or community-based development training.

This program is a cohort model, meaning that you will start together in late August and work through the program as a group. The program starts with a required orientation, normally held the weekend before classes begin for Fall semester.

Field Semester Component:

Students enrolled in the on-campus program, international concentration, spend 12 months in the United States at the Eastern University campus. The final semester (September to early December) is spent in a developing country to complete the program. During this field semester, you can return to your mission or development agency or begin work part-time with an NGO, mission organization or other church-related organization that serves poor communities. At the same time you will complete your final course work via distance education.

Mission Year + Eastern Urban Blended Online Program- 2 years

This is a partnership program through which to earn an urban oriented, Christ-centered MBA Economic Development degree in a two-year period.  Participants will live in Mission Year houses and communities for the duration of the program.  In year one, students gain experience and learn from heavily weighted practice in urban community service and relations, and will augment what they are learning through further reading, research, and reflection provided by Eastern University.  Year two emphasis is shifted from field practicum toward formal learning through Eastern University, while still mentoring first-year Mission Year volunteers in the city.  You can learn more by visiting www.missionyear.org/masters

For information about the MA in International Development Mission Year+ Eastern Blended Online program, click here.

Other Programs with short residencies:

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For more information about the Economic Development Program, contact Lindsey Perry at 610-341-1311 or lperry@eastern.edu

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