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Curriculum & Course Descriptions

Total Credits: 33

Course Number Course Title Number of Credits
BUSA 651 Issues in the Nonprofit Sector 3
BUSA 645 Strategic Management of Nonprofit Organizations 3
BUSA 571 Legal and Government Issues Affecting Nonprofits 3
BUSA 655 Role of Nonprofit Organizations in Public Policy 3
LEAD 576 Applied Research and Evaluation 3
BUSA 531 Marketing and Public Relations for Nonprofit Organizations 3
INST 500 Philanthropy and the Charitable Enterprise 3
BUSA 603 Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations 3
BUSA 541 Human Resource Management for Nonprofits 3
BUSA 517 Nonprofit Financial Management 3
Nonprofit Elective 3
Subtotal 30 credits
Additional Requirements
Capstone Project 3
Total 33 credits


BUSA 517 Nonprofit Financial Management and Control - 3 Credits
Designed to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to understand financial statements and information, to make financial decisions, to design and institute improvements in management control, to determine and work with ethical uncertainties, and to develop and manage the budgeting process. Fund accounting is explained as a building block for nonprofit financial reporting. Issues faced by the chief executive of smaller organizations such as unemployment compensation, workers compensation, and self-insurance are covered.

BUSA 531 Marketing and Public Relations for Nonprofit Organizations - 3 Credits
Focuses on marketing the services of the nonprofit organization to its intended constituency, making the purpose or mission known to the greater community, and using both paid and free media as tools in these endeavors.

BUSA 541 Human Resources Management for Nonprofit Organizations - 3 Credits
Provides an understanding of how various management concepts can be applied to both paid and volunteer staff, and the hands-on activities involved in managing human resource departments with an emphasis on motivation, leadership, conflict resolution, and change management. The functional activities include recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits, and performance.

BUSA 571  Legal and Government Issues Affecting Nonprofit Organizations - 3 Credits
Explores the basic principles of business law such as contracts, liability, and labor law; taxation and the tax exemption process and related reporting requirements; and incorporation and by-laws. Examines the role of government, particularly in cooperation with nonprofit organizations.

BUSA 603 Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations - 3 Credits
Investigation of how to design, implement, and follow up on various methods of fundraising, including foundation proposals, phonathons/telethons, direct solicitation, membership drives, and profit-making ventures in nonprofit organizations.

BUSA 645   Strategic Management of Nonprofit Organizations - 3 Credits
A study of the organizations, operations, planning, and analysis of managing in the nonprofit environment. Analysis is based on lectures, guest speakers, textbook information, and on-site student observations.

BUSA 651 Issues in the Nonprofit Sector  - 3 Credits
A study of the importance and complexities of board governance in the nonprofit sector. The issues, trends and challenges to governance and their implications are assessed. The course includes the hallmarks of nonprofit excellence, the roles and responsibilities of volunteers and staff, the policy and decision-making process, ethics and ethical decision-making, board recruitment and development, and a current issue facing the nonprofit sector.

BUSA 655  Role of Nonprofit Organizations in Public Policy  - 3 Credits
Examines the relationship between nonprofits and state, local, and federal governments, and the influence on public policy by nonprofits. Since nonprofit organizations often serve as government “contractors” for public policy implementation, this course develops practical skills in researching government funding opportunities and writing proposals.

INST 500  Philanthropy- 3 Credits
A broad exposure to the concept of charity, with emphasis on answering “why.” Students study the history, culture, and evolution of philanthropy in the Western world, various religions’ reasons and justifications for charity, and the seemingly inherent psychological human need to be of benefit to others in society.

LEAD 576 Applied Research and Evaluation - 3 Credits
This course is an introduction to applied research and evaluation. The learning objectives are to expose students to both quantitative and qualitative research and evaluation methods for use in NonProfit and Non-Government Organizations. Applied research is presented as a systematic inquiry designed to provide information to decision makers and/or groups concerned with particular human and societal problems. Christian perspective on the purpose and practice of research is of special interest.


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