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MS in Health Services Management

The Master of Science in Health Services Management allows students and other allied health professionals to obtain their degrees and further their careers as leaders in the health care industry. Students learn about current health care trends and issues and are provided with the opportunity to develop their leadership and communication skills in a health care context.

  • Teaching methods and materials are based on adult learning models, which rely heavily on facilitated dialogue, group projects, and previous experience. 
  • Students complete a Field Research Project, which invites them to engage directly with real-world situations.
  • Under the direction of a Preceptor and Instructor, students utilize their analytical and problem-solving skills. 
  • Courses are taken one at a time in sequential order and the degree is designed to be completed within 20 months by taking classes one night per week. 
  • Students receive personalized attention from instructors and can schedule one-on-one meetings as needed.

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