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Bob Hepburn

Founder, TGTS 2.0 / YUBM Ministries
Associate Professor, Urban Studies Department
Email: rhepburn@easter.edu


D.Min., Westminster Theological Seminary
Graduate Certificate in Christian Studies
M.A., Westminster Theological Seminary
Th.B., Northeastern Bible College
B.A., Rowan University
At Eastern Since 2007


A few years after coming to faith in Christ, Bob found himself enrolled in an urban ministry curriculum – one the Lord Jesus personally and purposefully designed to develop and mature him in the faith. While he admits being initially a somewhat reluctant student of street culture, “Hep” quickly discovered the joys and sorrows of an incredibly wide bandwidth of street-related ministry experiences and opportunities. 

Bob served on the faculty of the Center for Urban Theological Studies (teaching courses in theology, apologetics, philosophy, ethics, urban youth culture and ministry); Eastern University (teaching courses in the M.A. of Arts in the Urban Studies Urban Youth Leadership program and for the Campolo College of Graduate and Professional Studies); and Biblical Theological Seminary. His D.Min. project in Urban Missions at Westminster Theological Seminary is titled Rapologetics: How the Gospel of Christ Takes On the Street.

As an urban missiologist and practitioner for the past 38 years, Bob's been involved in youth and young adult ministries in Paterson and Camden, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; Baltimore, MD; and Washington, DC. As a musicologist, he maintains a regular year-round retreat and conference itinerary, ministering to youth and young adults. He's also worked with a number of church vocal groups in Philadelphia, PA and Paterson, NJ. Seeking to help bridge the gap between the Church and street / hip-hop culture, Bob founded TGTS 2.0 / YUBM Ministries in 1992. His ministry tasks center on discipleship (focusing on leadership development) and evangelism (sharing the street-relevant Christ with urban youth and young adults – a crew remarkably open and receptive to the things of the Lord). More information is at the TGTS 2.0 / YUBM Ministries Web site: http://hepkat.wixsite.com/tgts and at https://www.linkedin.com/in/bob-hepburn-hep.

Courses Taught

Apologetics fo the Urban Youth Context, Urban Youth Culture, Christ & the City, Theological Foundations for Urban Youth Ministry

Research Interests

The church and hip hop culture, missiology, street culture

Select Articles

  • Hepburn, B. (1989). Penetrating an Urban People Group: The Street-Oriented, Youth Urban Black Male. Journal of Urban Ministry.
  • Hepburn, B. (1992). Rap Music: A window into a Culture. Journal of Urban Missions.
  • Hepburn, B. (1992). Rap Music: Give Me My Respect, Man! Journal of Urban Ministry.

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