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Chris Lahr

Academic Director, Mission Year
General Manager, Timoteo
Adjunct Professor, Urban Studies Department
Email: clahr@eastern.edu


B.A., Eastern University


Chris moved to Philadelphia with his family in 2000 to be a part of the Simple Way community. He has been married for 14 years (to Lara); the couple has three beautiful daughters (Alexa, Moriah, and India) and a boy dog (Oskar). Currently, Chris and Lara are part of the community care team for the Simple Way. They attend a little congregation called Iglesia del Barrio (“Church in the Neighborhood”) where Chris works with the youth as well as with the congregation at large. Chris also helps manage a flag football league, Timotoe. The league has become an excuse for several local congregations to work together to mentor and empower youth, giving Chris the opportunity to connect with numerous people in the area

Chris also works with Mission Year (MY, www.missionyear.org). Through MY, he has the opportunity to live in community in several different cities in America. He serves as MY's academic director. Participants in MY are able to get academic credit while doing MY; Chris helps facilitate the learning in the course “Theology of Poverty.” He is also a recruiter, which calls him to do everything from hanging out at festivals and mission fairs to traveling with his buddy Shane Claiborne to speaking to various groups. My allows Chris to be creative and to bring folks together. Learn more at: http://www.missionyear.org/blog/chrislahr/

Courses Taught

Theology of Poverty

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