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Community Arts Concentration Admissions Requirements

General Application Requirements

Return Application Materials to:

By fax: 215-848-2651
By email:urbanstudies@eastern.edu
By mail:
    Eastern University
    GPS Admissions
    1300 Eagle Rd     
    St. Davids, PA 19087-3696

Additional Requirements

  • Completion of an undergraduate degree in an art form: music, dance, drama, visual arts, graphic design, videography, OR
  • Completion of a minor concentration in an art form with a demonstrated high level of competency in the art form, OR
  • Completion of an undergraduate degree with significant formal training and demonstrated proficiency in an art form AND
  • A portfolio demonstrating a high level of artistic attainment. Electronic submissions required. Learn more about the portfolio requirements AND
  • A minimum of one year volunteer or work experience in a community arts organization or volunteer community work
  • Essay Requirement (writing sample)
  • Signed and dated (printed name and date is acceptable if submitted electronically);
  • The total word count for responses to all four questions should be at least 1,000 (an average of at least 250 words per response).
  • Email all responses in a single Word document or PDF to urbanstudies@eastern.edu

The essay questions are as follows:

  • Discuss your faith experience and spiritual development.
  • Describe your career goals and how the arts in transformation program will help you to fulfill them.  
  • Briefly define poverty and explain how you believe the arts in transformation program can be used to confront poverty.  
  • People working in community arts are faced with many ethical dilemmas in their work. Below are two examples. Please pick one and explain how you would respond or react to the situation. 
  • You are working in a homeless shelter developing a mural with 80 children and youth. During the ten-week artistic experience how would you use the arts to teach artistic skill, academic improvement, social skills and spiritual development? 
  • During the teaching of an after-school arts program you discover that a teenage young man has voluntarily left his home because of abuse, neglect, and drug addiction of their single parent. He is now living with friends and sometimes on the street. How would you become involved (or not) in this situation?

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