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J. Nathan Corbitt, DMA

Coordinator, Community Arts Concentration

Professor, Urban Studies Department

President, BuildaBridge International

Musicologist and Communication Strategist

Dr Corbitt served both as a musicologist and cross-cultural communication strategist in Southern and Eastern Africa between 1982 and 1992. There, he assisted a broad variety of ministries and managed a multi-national media center.


An interdisciplinary teacher, he has taught widely across subject areas. He chaired Eastern University's Department of Communication Arts between 1994-2000.

In 2000 he co-founded BuildaBridge International, a cross-cultural arts education organization committed to using the arts for education, healing, and reconciliation, primarily with vulnerable populations in urban contexts.


Dr. Corbitt is the author of The Global Awareness Profile (Intercultural Press, 1998) and The Sound of the Harvest (Baker, 1998) He is co-author of Taking the Gospel to the Streets: How the Arts Are Transforming Communities (Baker 2003).

In 2001, Dr. Corbitt took part in a national research project, funded in part by the Louisville Institute. The Taking it to the Streets project marked the beginning of a formal field of study called Arts-based Community Mission. It was based on research of 61 Christian artists in 16 US cities. It led to the book Taking the Gospel to the Streets: How the Arts Are Transforming Communities (Baker Books, August 2003).


Dr. Corbitt regularly consults and trains on cross-cultural issues in business, education, missions, community organizations, children and youth, and overseas living. He has lectured or researched in over 30 countries. His areas of expertise include cross-cultural skills; cultural competence; organizational culture; communications; integrative arts education; faith, culture and the arts; overseas travel and living; integrative arts education; and urban ministry.


Dr. Corbitt received his Doctor of Musical Arts from the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1985 with a minor in management. His post-doctoral studies have included linguistics, anthropology, leadership, cross-cultural communications and research (Daystar University, Nairobi) and Swahili (Baptist Language School, Kenya).


J. Nathan Corbitt, D.M.A.

Eastern University | Philadelphia

3300 Henry Avenue, Suite 1

Philadelphia, PA 19129

Phone 215-769-3114

Fax 215-848-2651

Email ncorbitt@eastern.edu

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