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RN to BSN Curriculum

Academic Year One

Courses Credits
Nursing 301:  Nursing Informatics 3
Nursing 215:  Scholarly Writing in Nursing 3
Bible 100:  Biblical Word in Contemporary Context 3
Nursing 210:  Healthcare Ethics & Christian Nursing 3
Nursing 302:  Theoretical Foundations of Nursing 3
Nursing 303:  Psychosocial-Spiritual Assessment 3
OM 370:  Cross Cultural Studies 3
Nursing 305:  Physical Assessment 3

Academic Year Two

Courses Credits
Nursing 306:  Health Promotion & Health Education in Nursing Practice 3
Nursing 401:  Population Focused Nursing: A Global Approach 3
Math 220:  Statistics for the Social & Behavioral Sciences 3
Nursing 404:  Nursing Research 3
INST271: Justice in a Pluralistic Society 3
Nursing 402:  Leadership in Nursing Practice 3
Nursing 405:  Senior Seminar/Practicum 4
Nursing 480:  Peace, Power and Leadership for Personal and Global Healing   3

*Eastern reserves the right to merge or cancel classes, which may result in a change of schedule or location.

The RN to BSN Program consists of 49 credits. To complete the Baccalaureate Degree a student must fulfill the core, support, and upper division nursing courses.  A minimum of 121 credits is required to complete the degree.


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