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Registration and Re-entry Policy

1. Returning RN to BSN Students should contact Donna Gribbin, Program Director- RN to BSN Program, at 610-225-5023 or email dgribbin@eastern.edu to discuss the re-entry procedure into the program or contact the Administrative Assistant of the Department of Nursing at (610) 341-5896 or email rntobsn@eastern.edu for information.

2. A student who has been inactive for more than 5 years must complete the modified application process. This includes the following:

  • Complete a new application form to update the database- this is the form only, not the whole application packet.
  • Copy of current PA RN license
  • Resume
  • Any transcripts since leaving Eastern
  • One new letter of recommendation
  • The returning student's academic record and degree audit can be accessed through Eastern’s Intranet.

Please contact Alex Stenman (484-384-2980) or astenman@eastern.edu information regarding the modified application.

3. Upon meeting with a student, academic advisors will contact the Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS) Registration Coordinator via e-mail to inform her of the student’s request to register for a course(s). The advisor must provide the Registration Coordinator with student’s name, phone, address, and student ID number for reference.

4. Returning students should be aware that all BSN courses will be capped at 15 and those students must register for non-clinical courses at least 2 weeks prior to class start date to allow time for delivery of books and student materials.

5. The Clinical course (NURS 405) will be capped at 15. Students must register for their clinical course at least 6 weeks prior to class start date to allow time for submission of clinical packets, student credentials, delivery of books, and other student materials.

6. Upon initial contact for registration or re-admission, the student will be sent a packet with a letter welcoming them to Graduate and Professional Studies at Eastern University.

7. After initial academic advising and receipt of letter of welcome, students may register for future accelerated courses by contacting the GPS Registration Coordinator directly. Advisors should provide student with Registration Coordinator’s business card during initial transition advising meeting. Registration is dependent on the completed registration process and financial clearance.

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