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MEd in Multicultural Education

The MEd in Multicultural Education is committed to providing quality education and instruction that will equip our graduates to face the challenges of the highly diverse school-age population of the United States in the coming decades.

Program Description

The MEd in Multicultural Education program seeks to:

  • Help students to integrate faith and learning into a philosophy of education which can guide to education professional in daily activities, both personal and professional
  • Enable students to understand the theoretical and research base of education
  • Assist students to demonstrate sensitivity to ethnic, gender and racial diversity
  • Enable graduates to provide leadership in professional positions within the schools
  • Encourage graduates to demonstrate evidence of a continuing commitment to further professional development for themselves and their colleagues
  • Enable graduates to draw from multicultural materials to develop curricula for the schools
  • Enable graduates to integrate students from multicultural backgrounds into the classroom by using the students’ cultures in the teaching process

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