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Two outstanding Christian leaders helped to create and shape the growth of what is now the Campolo College of Graduate and Professional Studies: the College’s namesake, Dr. Tony Campolo, and its first Dean, Dr. Harold Howard. It is their vision and commitment to social justice that has empowered the College to change the lives of so many people through better job opportunities and better lives for their families, all from a firm foundation of faith.

Tony Campolo

Tony CampoloDr. Tony Campolo, who graduated from Eastern in 1956, served his alma mater for nearly 35 years as a professor of sociology, after earning his PhD from Temple University. An advocate for social justice, renowned motivational speaker, and a prolific author, Dr. Campolo has appeared on Nightline, Larry King Live and CNN News. He hosts a program on the Premier Radio Network in England and has written more than 35 books, including Red Letter Christians.  

Dr. Campolo is an ordained minister who serves as the associate pastor of Mount Carmel Baptist Church in West Philadelphia. It was his vision for economic development that created a unique graduate program in development at Eastern. He says, “Recognizing the need for job creation among the poor, the Campolo College has developed specialized graduate programs in urban economic development and nonprofit leadership that equip students to empower indigenous people to develop and own faith-based microbusinesses and industries, and to manage community-based organizations.” His passion for social justice and boundless energy in serving God’s people motivate everyone at the Campolo College to try to emulate his example of Christian leadership.

Harold C. Howard

Howard C. HowardIt is rare when an individual displays gifts that span a multitude of disciplines and vocations. It is even more unique when they offer their talents to the world with cheerful and Christ-like humility. Such a man was the late Dr. Howard. At the beginning of his career, Dr. Howard was a pastor and evangelist, crossing North America with his wife, Gladys, and ministering in tents and church revivals. After obtaining his Ph.D. in history at Loyola University, he joined the Eastern faculty as a history professor and was soon chosen vice president and academic dean. Blessed with a diplomatic temperament, sense of humor and passion for strategic planning, Dr. Howard left Eastern and began his own transatlantic consulting business. Needing his gifts in a time of transition, Eastern asked him to return to help shape the plans that would transform Eastern College into Eastern University. Dr. Howard later served as Provost, and became well-known on and off campus for his “Provost's Perspectives” columns on topics like trends in higher education, leadership, ethics and the Christian worldview. One of his lasting legacies to Eastern was the Degree Completion program, a pioneer initiative for adult students. Now evolved into the Campolo College of Graduate and Professional Studies, it has been emulated by schools across the Delaware Valley and elsewhere. In addition to his name adorning the University’s Learning Center on the St. Davids campus, the Campolo College continues to honor the vibrant memory of Dr. Howard, a man of deep wisdom and of even more profound faith, by awarding the Harold C. Howard Servant Leader Award to students who display similar vision, compassion and leadership abilities.

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