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How will I adjust?

Whether you’ve been out of school for seven months or seven years, the transition to taking courses at Eastern University will be a smooth one. Eastern students talk about their experiences of returning to school.

How do I apply?

Applying for admission at Eastern University is simple and uncomplicated. The admissions counselors will walk you through the process, step by step.

How will I balance my life?

The courses at Eastern University are built so that students can easily balance their work, personal, and school lives. Whether you work full time or are a fulltime student, Eastern’s course structure will fit your life.

How did you choose Eastern University?

Between the class sizes, the values, and the quality of education, there are many reasons why students choose Eastern University.

How much homework will I have?

The workload will vary from class to class. Eastern students talk about their perspectives of the type of work and quantity that can be expected.

How is this useful outside of school?

At Eastern University, education and real-world circumstances are closely related. Two Eastern students explain how they have seen the parallels between the classroom and their own work life.

How will I pay for this?

The Student Accounts office and the Student Aid office at Eastern University will be able to walk you through payment plans and financial aid options that meet your needs.

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