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Harrisburg: Contact Us

Please contact us to learn more information about Eastern University's Central PA programs.
Rebekah Ostby
Assistant Director of Student Services
Site Director
Phone: 717-565-1950, ext 10
Fax: 717-565-1954
Email: rostby@eastern.edu

Hello, my name is Rebekah Ostby and I am the Assistant Director of Student Services, serving all Eastern University students.  However, being located out of the Harrisburg Office, I focus on the students in Central PA (sites in Harrisburg and Lancaster). My role is to be a point of contact for our students throughout their time in the program, striving to help provide the best experience possible.

I spent three wonderful years living and learning at Eastern’s main campus in St. Davids, PA as a student in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and graduated with a degree in Business Management with the goal to serve the non-profit sector of the business world.

One of the things I grew to love during my time as a student with Eastern was the community.  Community encourages growth in every area of our lives – academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  My goal is help foster the community here in Central PA while serving and supporting each student who comes through our doors.  We all have busy lives and I am here to help make each person’s educational experience the best it can be, amidst the craziness of the everyday.  I am learning, and hope to share with others, the importance of finding the “joy in the journey” and living each day as a gift from the Lord.
Ashley Conway
Assistant Director of Enrollment
Phone:  (717) 565-1950, ext 18
Fax: (717) 565-1954
Email: aconway@eastern.edu

Hello, my name is Ashley Conway and I’m the Assistant Director of Enrollment at Eastern University’s Central PA location, which reaches out to the Harrisburg, York and Lancaster communities.

My husband, myself and our two Chihuahua pups moved to Central Pennsylvania from Missouri when my husband took a residency position at Hershey Medical Center in the summer of 2011. We welcomed our first child, Amelia Jean, in February 2012 and our world will forever be changed. We love the small town feel that this area has to offer and we hope to explore more of the surrounding areas in the near future. We love occupying our time by traveling the world, being outdoors and just making the most of our time in any given situation.

I’m excited to see what God has in store for me at Eastern and how I can best meet the needs of Eastern students.

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