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Top Bachelor's and Master's Programs & Degrees in Harrisburg, PA

Harrisburg's Top Christian University

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Eastern University in Harrisburg for nearly 20 years!

Eastern University is a nationally-recognized Christian University and honored as one of the 50 Best Colleges for Older Students by Bestcolleges.com.  The Harrisburg campus offers meaningful educational opportunities designed specifically for working adults.  Eastern’s Campolo College of Graduate and Professional Studies has been serving the city of Harrisburg for nearly twenty years. Right in the heart of Pennsylvania, this state capital is one of constant growth and development with a consistent flow of new professionals, various recreational activities, and the beautiful scenery of the Susquehanna Valley. Major metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington D.C. are just a few hours away by car and allow students to easily pursue a wide range of careers and internships with their degree.

Convenient Location

Conveniently located right off the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Eastern’s Harrisburg offices at 750 East Park Drive are host to numerous degrees in the business, healthcare, and education fields. State of the art facilities, small class sizes, and a prestigious faculty, work closely together to create a highly professional environment that fosters career growth and success among our students. The combination of convenience and high quality instruction within these programs is perfect for any student in need of flexible structure, opportunities to network, and a desire to grow both professionally and personally.

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