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BA in Biblical Studies

Why Major in BA in Biblical Studies?

The BA in Biblical Studies situates the canonical texts of the Christian tradition within the context of the larger Christian story, while also equipping students to interpret these texts for themselves and for the benefit of the Christian church. Students are familiarized with the social and historical setting of these texts, critical issues in their transmission, interpretation and application, and are given the tools to faithfully and creatively apply the message of these texts to contemporary contexts.

Students pursuing the BA in Biblical Studies have the option of electing a languages track that will give them the opportunity to learn Greek and Hebrew as part of their major.

Why Major in Biblical Studies at Eastern?

  • Disciplines of theology, philosophy and biblical studies intentionally interwoven and mutually supportive
  • Faculty with broad expertise in biblical, patristic, medieval, reformation, and modern thought
  • Professors representing a wide spectrum of denominational affiliations and theological convictions within the evangelical tradition
  • Opportunities for travel and study abroad, including the Middle East
  • Individual attention in small classes
  • Commitment to excellent teaching and to consistent mentoring
  • Intentional integration of Christian faith and scholarship

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