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BA in Theological Studies Curriculum

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Course Number Course Name Credit
BIB 101* Nature and Meaning of the Old Testament 3
BIB 102* Nature and Meaning of the New Testament 3
BIB 201W Research Methods in Biblical Studies 3
PHI 211 Faith and Philosophy 3
THEO 240** Theological Thinking 3
*BIB 101 and *BIB 102 fulfill the core requirements for “Bibilicaly informed”
**THEO 240 fulfills the core requirement for “formed in Christian thought”
TWO additional 200-level THEO courses: 6
THEO 210 Foundations of Christian Spirituality
THEO 251 Early and Medieval Christianity
THEO 252 Reformation and Modern Christianity
THEO 260 Introduction to Christian Ethics
ONE systematic focus course: 3
THEO 341 God and God’s World
THEO 342 Jesus Christ: Savior and Lord
THEO 343 On Being Human
THEO 344 The Spirit, the Church and the Word
ONE global focus course: 3
THEO 315 Theological Foundations of World Religions
THEO 335 Global Christianity
THEO 337 Theology of Culture
ONE contemporary focus course: 3
THEO 435 Modern Theology
THEO 436 Postmodernism and Pluralism
THEO 437 20th Century Women Spiritual Writers
THREE THEO electives (300- or 400- level)** 9
**NOTE: May include HIS 372 Eastern Orthodox History and Theology, PHI 304 Medieval Philosophy: The Christian Tradition.
ONE BIB elective (200-, 300- or 400- level) 3
ONE additional THEO or BIB elective 3
Total Credit Hours: 39

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