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Dance Program Career Options

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Eastern alumni are employed at some of the following companies and organizations:

  • Psophonia Dance Company, TX, Member
  • The Monarch Dance Company, Dancer
  • Choreographer/Bodyworker
  • Ardmore Studio, Dance Teacher
  • Feet First Dance Studio, Office Manager and Hip Hop Teacher
  • D.U.E. Season Charter School, Performing Arts Dance Teacher
  • MM2 Modern Dance Company, Manager, and Dancer/Choreographer
  • Montoursville Area High School Musicals, Assistant Choreographer
  • Kristina Pulcini Ballet Academy, PA, Dance Instructor/Rehearsal Assistant
  • Dance Design Studio, Instructor
  • Yoga, Private and Group Instructor
  • Agnes Irwin School Dance, Director
  • Bogardus Performing Arts Center, Dance Instructor for Childrens’ theater shows
  • ECdanceCohesion, Artistic Director and CHoreographer
  • and many more!


Dance Majors can be found working in the following industries and professions, among others:

  • Set Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Music and Sound Designer
  • Master Class Teacher
  • Grade School Dance Instructor
  • High School Dance Instructor
  • Dance Professor
  • Voice Coach
  • Gym Dance Teacher

More on Dance Career Paths

Teaching: Dance is taught in private dance studios, professional training schools, in churches, in community programs, in higher education, and in K-12 education.  Current education reform has mandated that arts education be part of the general K-12 curriculum in many states.  Qualified dance professionals are needed in all areas of teaching.

Church Ministry:  The development of dance ministries in Christian churches is a growing trend in America.  These groups need to be directed by comprehensively trained dance professionals.  Churches also offer dance classes as part of community enrichment programs.

Dance Therapy and Physical Therapy: The Dance Therapy Association defines dance therapy as the therapeutic use of movement to further the emotional and physical integration of a person.  This healing art integrates psychology and movement and is transformative for both patients and clinicians.  Physical Therapy rehabilitates those who have been injured.  Knowledge gained through dance is invaluable to helping those whose movement capabilities have been hampered, both physically and mentally.

Dance Medicine and Science: The Dancer Wellness initiatives at EU Dance emphasize the emerging field of Dance Medicine and Science and the importance of understanding dancers as performing athletes.  Students are encouraged to pursue this avenue by assisting in the latest research or participating in biomechanical study and analysis as well as considering graduate degrees in Dance Medicine and Science.  Please consider joining our Student Dance Medicine and Science Club!

Performance and Choreography: Dancing and creating dances for existing dance companies as well as forming new dance performance groups are fulfilling careers that involve making art.  Performers and choreographers have the ability to impact people with the expression of their work.

Dance Administration, Management and Marketing: Dance companies, schools, colleges and universities, dance festivals and other dance organizations require professionals with dance backgrounds to manage, fundraise and promote their businesses.

Dance Criticism and Research: Dance critics and researchers not only write and publish but also teach and document the growing fields of dance history, criticism, cultural studies, and aesthetics.

Dance Production:  Technical direction, stage management, costuming, lighting and sound design, music accompaniment, composing, arranging, and conducting are all dance production related fields that cross over into other performing arts.

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