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Education (Loeb School, Undergraduate)

Mission Statement

The Loeb School of Education (LSE) affirms the mission statement of Eastern University with its commitment to scholarship and teaching, scripture, the church, evangelism, justice, the world and community.

The LSE at Eastern University seeks to develop individuals with a clear understanding of the University’s mission of faith, reason, and justice so that they are capable of:

  • improving the learning of all students;
  • pursuing educational equity and justice through creative solutions;
  • demonstrating sensitivity to multicultural and global issues;
  • modeling Christian thought and action;
  • serving public and private institutions of learning as change agents.

The Loeb School of Education meets the needs of its students to assume positions in this society through undergraduate and graduate programs.

What LSE offers: 

The Loeb School of Education includes both undergraduate and graduate certification programs, as well as several degrees.

Majors or Area of Study:
BS in Early Childhood Education (Pre K-4)
BS in Middle Level Education (4-8)
Secondary Education Certification Programs (7-12)

Leading to Certification:
Certification in Early Childhood Education (Pre K-4)
Certification in Early Childhood with Special Education (N-8)
Certification in English as a Second Language (ESL) (K-12)
Certification in Foreign Language (French and Spanish) Education (K-12)
Certification in Music Education (K-12)
Certification in Secondary Biology Education (7-12)
Certification in Secondary Chemistry Education (7-12)
Certification in Secondary Communication Education (7-12)
Certification in Secondary English Education (7-12)
Certification in Secondary Math Education (7-12)
Certification in Secondary Social Studies Education (7-12)

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