Alumni Testimonials

International Development Program

Craig Stewart
MA International Development, Class of 2011
Executive Director | The Warehouse

“Completing an MA in International Development at Eastern University has equipped me to be a far more effective practitioner operating locally but able to learn from and contribute to the global context.”

I am very grateful for the opportunity I had to complete an MA in International Development through Eastern University.  As someone with good experience but limited formal educational background in development, the MA gave me a solid grounding in the breadth of areas critical to being an effective practitioner.  As a practitioner I valued the balance between theory and practice led by faculty who are also excellent practitioners in their fields.  As a follower of Christ the emphasis on wrestling with the application of my faith into the maters I was studying was an extremely formative experience.  Finally, as an African leading a local non profit, becoming part of the extensive network of students, faculty and alumni from around the world was an unexpected inspiration and has contributed to my ongoing learning since completing the degree.                                                              

Heather Newton
MA International Development, Class of 2011

“The MA in International Development program at Eastern University provided the tools and resources to gain a better understanding of the development field.” 

Through open discussion in the classroom setting, we were able to grapple with theories and practical subject matter in order to  analytically look at pertinent topics in development. The program took me from the place of idealism and no knowledge to a new sphere of understanding with problem-solving skills. It was a very rich, life-changing experience”.

Economic Development Program

Keith Wright
MBA Economic Development, Class of 1997
President | Food for the Hungry International 

‘When I decided to attend the Eastern’s Leadership and Development MBA program I was clear on my call to serve the most vulnerable through innovation and economic development. I was also clear that I needed to build up my skills and tools to be more impactful. I was not disappointed. Eastern gave me a core skill-set that I use every day across management and business, as well as invaluable perspectives on the nature and reality of the kingdom of God -- and how it can be advanced in the face of the world’s most daunting problems. I highly recommend this program to world changers who want to not only understand the challenges we face as a global community but gain the skills and perspectives to make a real difference.”

Matthew Maury, 
MBA Economic Development, Class of 1990
Chief Executive Officer | TEAR Australia 

“My Master’s degree (MBA) at Eastern has proven to be a foundational cornerstone for my career in relief and development. From my work as a grassroots community development worker in Africa to my current role as head of a Christian development agency, the courses, faculty and fellow students all contributed - and 25 years later still actively shape - my theology, my leadership, and my heart for serving God and others.”

Paul Luchtenburg,
MBA Economic Development, Class of 1989
Executive Officer | AMK Cambodia

“A combination of outstanding, dedicated professors and committed dynamic classmates made my years at Eastern some of the best and most memorable of my life. Many people from that time remain my best friends today and have been a great support professionally and spiritually over the years. The courses helped us to wrestle with some key development and theological issues.”

Organizational Leadership Program

Beau Abdulla
MA Organizational Leadership, Class of 2014

Global Program Advisor on Sustainability | Living Water International

“Impactful, relevant and manageable.”

"I have grown spiritually and professionally through the Eastern MA Organizational Leadership program.  As the country director for an International NGO, I find the courses to have been tremendously helpful and relevant.  While working full-time and having family responsibilities, the Eastern MA program has been challenging but very manageable."

Anu George
MA Organizational Leadership, Class of 2014

Director, National Interventions India International Justice Mission (IJM)

"The subjects add a great amount of value to my constant learning as a leader and equip me in many ways.”

Personally I have found this course and its content extremely useful especially as it greatly complements the leadership role that I now have with a diverse project in International Justice Mission. The subjects add a great amount of value to my constant learning as a leader and equip me in many ways by providing insights on Christian leadership, exercises on accounting and finance, discussions and reflective studies with many from similar roles across similar organizations, opportunity to discuss leadership and the many faces it represents in different organizations, interaction and exposure to various organizations, nationalities that have helped me understand and work with the complexities in organizational structure across cultures.

Pablo C. Villeda
MA Organizational Leadership, Class of 2012

Vice President of Regional Operations, Latin America |International Justice Mission (IJM) 

"The Masters in Organizational Leadership at EU provided me with several frames of reference on leadership that I had not considered before.”

It helped me understand the dynamics of my organization and to identify how I could make a better contribution. The courses’ content and reflections exposed areas in my life in which I needed significant transformation in order to lead my teams with integrity and efficiency.

The deep interaction with professors and other students is very enriching. I feel I learnt as much from them as I did from the courses’ content; it really felt as mutual learning.

Whether you are in a situation in which you will lead by position, by influence or by expertise you will really need a holistic set of skills and this program will provide you with that. It has a good balance of courses which help develop the whole of what a Christian leader should have: practical skills (finances, research and evaluation), analytical skills (strategic thinking, change management) and soft skills (human resources, spiritual formation, leadership).

I strongly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in leading.

Nonprofit Management Program

Kimberly Snowden
MS in Nonprofit Management
Program Manager/Program Development
Country Director | Living Water International Uganda

“I think that my experience with the masters program had a tremendous impact on my professional development. I was able to learn about the inner workings of the non-profit organizations and can confidently provide input in many aspects of programming and management. I have had the confidence to successfully propose, develop and manage several programs.”

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