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What follows is a listing of jobs as submitted to Eastern's Graduate Leadership and Development programs. As you scroll down, the listings become older. Please check the [Posted] date at the beginning of each listing. In addition, our Leadership and Development programs sometimes needs qualified adjunct faculty. If interested, please contact us. If you get a job after referring to this page, please let us know!! NOTE: Eastern's Leadership and Development programs take no responsibility for the information on this page; we are often not notified when job postings are filled.  For internships, please click here.

Program Director, West African Vocational Schools, Guinea-Bisseau [13 November 2015]. This group is keen on hiring an SLD grad! Click here for the job description.

Child Welfare Worker, Children's Corps, New York City area [13 November 2015]. From an email to SLD offices: "Children's Corps is an exciting program that recruits young professionals who want to work to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children and families in the child welfare system. Children’s Corps places its members in full-time positions with salary and benefits and offers a close and supportive network of professionals, peers, and alumni. Prior to working, Corps members go through our comprehensive pre-service training to prepare them to be strong advocates for the families they serve. The program requires a minimum of a two-year commitment, throughout which Corps members receive on-going training, support, and professional development to prepare and encourage them to become the next leaders in the field. We are recruiting graduating students and alumni to apply for the Children’s Corps Class of 2016! Our application will be available on December ­­­­18, 2015, with an early deadline of January 31 and a final deadline on March 6, 2016. This opportunity is open to anyone who will have a BA or MA by June 2016 and may be especially pertinent for those with a Social Work, Psychology and other related concentrations. Click here for more information.

Senior Specialist - Strategy, Habitat for Humanity, Atlanta, USA [1 July 2015]. This position is about 70% monitoring and communications on Habitat’s strategic plan and about 30% strategy/business planning analysis.   Monitoring is working with divisions across the global organizations to set targets, track results and report to Sr. leaders and board members.  Monitoring also includes identify challenges and success and communicating those with key stakeholders globally. The analysis work supports the varied internal consulting we do.   A variety of candidates profiles could be successful in this job. Some of the potential profiles are: exceptional recent grads, someone with 3+ years of similar experience, or someone with several years of for profit experience trying to enter the non-profit sector.  This is a great 2+ year position to understand the organization and identify other opportunities within the global organization. For more information, click here. To contact someone or to apply, write to Paul Hamalian   phamalian@habitat.org

Part-time Grant Writing Position, Cradle of Hope, Philadelphia, PA [28 May 2015]. Three years experience required. Send your resume to cradle1657@comcast.net  Click here for the Cradle of Hope website.

[Listings from the first 6 months of 2015 and earlier have been removed].

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