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BS in Athletic Training Curriculum

Goals and Indicators

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Course Number Course Name Credit
ATR 195 Introduction to Athletic Training 3
ATR 220 Practicum I 2
ATR 221 Practicum II 2
ATR 250 Foundational Techniques in Athletic Training 2
ATR 275 Sports Nutrition and Conditioning 3
ATR 301 Care and Prevention 3
ATR 320 Practicum III 2
ATR 321 Practicum IV 2
ATR 370 Therapeutic Exercise and Rehabilitation 4
ATR 371 Lower Extremity Evaluation 3
ATR 372 Upper Extremity Evaluation 3
ATR 375 Therapeutic Modalities 4
ATR 420 Practicum V 2
ATR 421 Practicum VI 2
ATR 425 Medical Aspects of Physical Activity 3
ATR 450 Senior Seminar 3
ATR 475 Pathology and Differential Diagnoses in Athletic Training 3
BIO 152 General Biology II 4
BIO 233, 234 Human Anatomy and Physiology I, II (Prerequisite: BIO 152) 8
EXSC 200 Health Promotion 3
EXSC 350 Research Methods in Biokinetics 3
EXSC 351 Kinesiology 3
EXSC 352 Physiology of Exercise 3
PSY 100 General Psychology 3
Total Credit Hours: 73

The Athletic Training Program (ATP) is fully accredited by the Commision on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). It incorporates a liberal arts foundation, introduces and advances evidence-based practices, and promotes professional development of athletic training students, all through the lens of Christian ideals. The program prepares students to sit for the Board of Certification Exam in order to be nationally credentialed as a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC).

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