Early Childhood Director


The online early childhood director course work at Eastern University is part of the requirement for the Pennsylvania Director Credential offered through the PA Keys.

The three courses help prepare those working in Early Childhood programs gain the leadership skills necessary to direct a high quality Early Childhood program. This course work is necessary for directors in STAR 3 & 4 and Head Start programs.  Credits earned through Eastern University’s Director Credential Program can be applied toward the Masters Degrees (M.Ed.) and Certification programs offered at Eastern:  Multicultural Education, Special Education, Early Childhood Education, Reading and more.

Eastern University's Director Credential Program with enable students to:

  • Understand the importance of integrating knowledge of child development and education in program design and management
  • Articulate the rationale/theory/research behind developmentally appropriate practice
  • Be able to effectively implement knowledge of DAP in program design and management
  • Communicate and model DAP to parents and staff
  • Apply the principles of effective management practices to an early childhood program

The Early Childhood Director coursework requirements include:

  • Online course work
  • Field work                
  • Short & Long-term projects
  • Scholarly & Practitioner-based readings
  • Scholarly writing & reflection
  • Classroom Assignments
  • Class discussions/ presentations

Scholarship/ Tuition Assistance: 
Eligible students can apply for tuition assistance through the TEACH program through the Office of Financial Aid and the PA Keys Rising Stars program.

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