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Early Childhood Education Curriculum

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Course Number Course Name Credit
EDU 200 Foundations of Education 3
EDU 201 Introduction to Special Education 3
EDU 205 The Developing Child 3
EDU 211 Educational Psychology 3
EDU 301 Evaluation & Assessment of Students in the Inclusive Classroom 3
EDU 306 Science and Health for Children 3
EDU 308 Teaching Social Studies 3
EDU 310 Mathematics for the Teacher 3
EDU 328 Early Childhood: Principles and Practices 3
EDU 329 Early Childhood: Curriculum and Assessment 3
EDU 380 Communication Arts 3
EDU 382 Methods of Classroom Management 3
EDU 384 Inclusive Education 3
EDU 400 Early Literacy Foundations 3
EDU 401 Literacy Foundations for Intermediate Grades 3
EDU 412 Teaching English as a Second Language 3
EDU 417 Multicultural Education 3
EDU 418 Family and Community Collaborative Partnerships 3
Total Credit Hours 54

Augmented Core for Early Childhood Majors

The core for the Bachelor of Science degree is listed in the front of the undergraduate course catalog. Early Childhood Education majors need to complete an augmented core in the following areas:

Course Number Course Name Credit
Skilled in the Written Word
ENG 102 College Writing 3
Aesthetically Literate
FA 300W Arts Integration in the Classroom 3
Knowledgeable About the Natural Sciences
BIO 105 Introductory Biology 4
BIO 105L Lab
PHYS 205 Physical Science for Teachers 3
Knowledgeable about Social Sciences 3
GEOG 201 World Geography or
ANTH 201 Anthropology 3
POS 103 American Government or
POS 104 State and Local Government 3

*In addition to the Early Childhood Education or Middle Level Education major requirements

For Certification Track information:
Certification in Early Childhood Education (Pre K-4)
Certification in Early Childhood with Special Education (N-8)

Dual Certification
(Early Childhood Education and Language Certification, K-12) Students must double major in Early Childhood Education and Spanish language and follow the requirements in both majors.

After earning a BS in Early Childhood Education, students may choose to earn an M.Ed. through one of Eastern University's M.Ed. programs:

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