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Elementary With ESL Certification

Elementary Major Advising With ESL (Revised in Spring 2005)

First Semester

INST150 Living and Learning in Community (3)
BIB101 Nature and Meaning of the Old Testament (3)
ENG102 English Writing (3)
MATH (3)
BKIN100 (3)

Total credits: 15

Second Semester

BIB102 Nature and Meaning of the New Testament (3)
INST160/161 Heritage of Western Thought and Civilization (3)
ENG Literature Elective* (3)
EDU211 Psychology of Education (3)
EDU200 Foundations of Modern Education (3)
Cultural Horizons (3)

Total credits: 18

*ENG225 will count for Cultural Horizons also Declare Education Major

Third Semester

EDU201 Introduction to Special Education (3)
INST250 Science, Technology and Values
BIO205 General Biology: Elementary Emphasis with Lab (4)
MATH (3) (those interested in the 5-year program must take Statistics)
ANTH201 People in Places or GEOG210 World Geography (3)

Total credits: 16

Take PRAXIS I (Reading, Writing & Math)

Fourth Semester

FA (3)
HIS201/202 American History (3)
ECON (3)
EDU250 Field Experience (appropriate for Early Childhood, Special Education & ESL certification) (3)
POS103/104 American or State/Local Government (3)
COM (3)

Total credits: 18

Formally apply to certification track after:

  • 48 credits
  • 2 Math courses and 2 English courses (1 in composition, 1 in literature)
  • Successful completion of PRAXIS I (reading, writing & math)
  • GPA of 3.0

Fifth Semester

PHYS205 Physical Science for Elementary Teachers (3)
EDU212 or PSY205/207 Child & Adolescent Psychology (3)
Elective (Foreign Language) (3)
EDU412 Teaching English as a Second Language (3)
INST270 Justice in Pluralistic Society (3)
THEO (3)

Total credits: 18

Sixth Semester: Preprofessional Semester I

EDU306* Science and Health for Children (3)
EDU380* Communication Arts for Children (3)
Elective (Foreign Language) (3)
EDU413 Theories of Second Language Acquisition (3)
LANG310 Linguistics (3)

Total credits: 15

*Must be taken during a preprofessional semester

Seventh Semester: Preprofessional Semester II

INST480 Capstone (3)
EDU308* Social Studies and Arts for Children (3)
EDU310* Mathematics for the Teaching of Children (3)
EDU401* Teaching of Reading (3)
EDU417* Multicultural Education (3)

Total credits: 15

*Must be taken during a pre-professional semester

Take PRAXIS II (2 in Elementary) (Requires 2 separate test dates)

Eighth Semester: Professional Semester

EDU410 Student Teaching
EDU420 Practicum

Total credits: 15

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