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Heewon Chang, Ph. D.

Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Multicultural Education (http://ijme-journal.org/index.php/ijme); Author, Adolescent Life and Ethos: An Ethnography of a US High School (1992, Falmer Press); Autoethnography as Method (2008, Left Coast Press); Spirituality in Higher Education: Autoethnographies (coedited with Drick Boyd, 2011, Left Coast Press)
Specialty: Multicultural Education, Autoethnography, Qualitative Research, Mentoring for Leadership and Anthropological Education
Office: Curriculum Lab (McInnis 301)
Phone: 610-341-1597
Email: hchang@eastern.edu

Dr. Chang holds a joint faculty appointment in Loeb School of Education and the Ph. D. in Organizational Leadership program.

She received her Ph. D. in Anthropology and Education from the University of Oregon in 1989 under the tutelage of a renowned educational anthropologist, Dr. Harry Wolcott. Since 1994, she has been teaching multicultural education courses in the undergraduate (U) and graduate (G) education programs at Eastern University.  Example courses include Multicultural Education (U/G), Advanced Seminar in Multicultural Education-Gender Equity Education (G), Education in a Global Context (G), Research Design (G), and Master's Thesis/Project (G).  As a faculty in the Ph. D. in Organizational Leadership program, she teaches Qualitative Research Methods and supervises dissertations.  

As a certified elementary school teacher in PA and high school teaching in Korea, she has kept abreast with issues and concerns of elementary and high school students. Her earlier research reflects her interest in this population.  She conducted several ethnographic and qualitative studies of children and adolescents in cross-cultural settings: US adolescents in a semi-rural town in Oregon, a vocational girls' high school in Korea, Korean-American high school students in Pennsylvania, and urban and suburban children and adolescents in Christian schools in Pennsylvania. The Oregon study was nominated for the Distinguished Doctoral Research Award of the American Educational Research Association in 1989 and was published as a book, Adolescent Life and Ethos: An Ethnography of a US High School (1992, Falmer Press).

Her more recent research focused on self-reflection and autoethnography and was culminated in the book, Autoethnography as Method (2008, Left Coast Press) in which she explains how to conduct autoethnographic research.  She coedited Spirituality in Higher Education :Autoethnographies (2011, Left Coast Press) with Drick Boyd and is currently working on another book, Collaborative Autoethnography (to be published in 2012) with Faith Ngunjiri and Kathy-Ann Hernandez. In addition, she founded two online journals (Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education and International Journal of Multicultural Education); and has served as the Editor-in-Chief since 2007.  Presently she is engaged in a multi-year research project exploring the leadership/followership development of female faculty and administrators of color in higher education and mentoring for leadership development.

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