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Engineering Dual Admissions Agreement Fact Sheet

Eastern University has partnered with the College of Engineering at Villanova University in order to provide a 3/2 engineering program under a dual admissions agreement. Students will complete 3 years at Eastern, taking Eastern's core as well as foundational courses in the natural sciences, followed by 2 years of engineering courses at Villanova's main campus. Upon completion of the fifth year, the student will receive 2 degrees: A Bachelor of Arts in Applied Mathematics from Eastern, and a Bachelor of Science degree in the particular engineering field chosen at Villanova. The first three years of the 32 program at Eastern will provide students with a background in which Christian faith is integrated into all academic disciplines. The last two years at Villanova focus on the student’s program in one of four different engineering tracks
(electrical, computer, civil and mechanical).

  • The Eastern University Admissions department will identify engineering dual program students to the preengineering advisor for Eastern University, Dr. Walter Huddell (whuddell@eastern.edu 6102255530), just prior to the beginning of the first semester of the student’s first year at Eastern. Dr. Huddell will then meet with the student early in that semester to begin familiarizing the student with the program. The preengineering advisor will also facilitate a meeting between the student and the appropriate departmental chair at Villanova in the first year of enrollment at Eastern.
  • Templeton Honors College students may progress through the curriculum in a slightly different order because of the core requirements within the THC.
  • Depending on the engineering track of choice, a 32 student will take between 2 and 4 Villanova classes during his/her second and third year at Eastern at no additional cost. Note: If the student chooses not to complete the 32 engineering program, he/she will be responsible for reimbursement to Eastern for those engineering courses taken at Villanova’s current tuition charges.
  • In the first year, students will complete the individualized major proposal for the Eastern degree in applied mathematics. The degree will require at least 121 cumulative semester hours credit, including 2 to 4 courses in engineering transferred from Villanova . Students may petition Eastern for the applied mathematics degree at any point after the required courses have been completed. The timing of the petition will depend on curricular and financial aid parameters.
  • Any financial aid awarded by Eastern (merit or needbased) will be applicable to the first three years of the student’s course of study. Other kinds of aid (such as federal or state aid) may be available for all five years of a 32 student's undergraduate program. In addition to consultation with Dr. Huddell, students should also meet with a member of the Student Aid office (finaid@eastern.edu, 6102255054) to discuss funding options well in advance of each year of study.
  • A student will be admitted to Villanova with Junior transfer status if:
  1. Three years of liberal arts, mathematics and other preengineering courses have been completed as described in a five year plan associated with one of the four applicable engineering tracks. (A Templeton Honors College student may progress through the curriculum in a slightly different order because of the core requirements within the THC.
  2. A Dual Admissions Intent form is filled out and turned in to Professor Huddell.
  3. A minimum G.P.A. of 3.0 is maintained. Note: If more than 10 interested students reach these thresholds, those students with the highest overall cumulative GPA for courses taken at Eastern will be admitted to the program.
  • In years 4 and 5, students may apply to live in Villanova housing, they may choose to commute to Villanova from an off campus location such as an apartment, or they may continue to live at Eastern through participation in the usual returning student housing process. Housing at Villanova and at Eastern is subject to availability at the time of application.

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