Missiology and Anthropology Department

Why Choose the Missiology and Anthropology Department at Eastern?

Eastern University’s Missiology and Anthropology Department offers a unique application of missiology and anthropology that gives a holistic education to students. Caring and dedicated professors have Ph.D. degrees in archeology, anthropology and missiology.  They also have extensive cross-cultural experience with Native American Indians, Filipinos, Palestinians, and (Asian) Indians. The personal interest that faculty take in students allows for an interactive and optimal educational experience, preparing students for a wide variety of careers in cross-cultural service and/or mission.

What the Missiology and Anthropology Department Offers

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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Major in Missions and Anthropology is to prepare students to become effective servants of Christ’s Kingdom in cross-cultural settings.  Training in anthropology provides the ethnographic skills and understanding that are necessary for appreciating, analyzing, adapting to, and introducing appropriate change to cultures.  Training in missiology clarifies the purpose of the Gospel of Jesus and the mission of God, delineates the nature of our participation in that mission, and provides a Christian perspective on the larger theological and historical context of our time and place.  The integration of the two disciplines, missiology and anthropology, creates a unique degree that emphasizes the synergy emerging from dialogue between Christ and cultures.  This degree provides students with the principles and practices emerging from two disciplines, missiology and anthropology, and applies them to a single purpose, cross-cultural Christian ministry.

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