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Research Grant Announcement
The On Knowing Humanity research project, with the support of a generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation, announces the opening of the Ethnography Through the Eyes of Faith (ETEF) Summer Fellowships.  Graduate students of anthropology degree programs are invited to apply to receive funding for ethnographies done “through the eyes of faith.”  

Research Fellowship Topics
The overarching question to be addressed is, “How might anthropology gain a deeper understanding of the human condition with insights from theology and from faith-based ethnography?”  This question can be expanded as follows:

1. How does the human spirit interconnect with the human mind and body in the course of everyday life, including not only religious behavior, but all cultural behavior and processes?

2. What difference does the existence of the divine make to human life and cultural processes, as measured by the direct evidence of elicited testimony from informants, by the indirect evidence of informants’ behavior modified by larger purposes, and by the explanatory value of paradigms borrowed from theological anthropology and the theology of culture?

3. How might the reintroduction of teleology, the study of meaning and purpose, enrich the conversation in anthropology on matters such as human origins, development, diversity, commonality, and destiny?  

Application Process
Summer grants will be awarded for 2016 and 2017.  All applications are due by March 1st for the coming summer.

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