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The On Knowing Humanity Conference

OKH Conference

The On Knowing Humanity conference brought together scholars from anthropology, theology, and social practice to discuss their common interests and potential collaboration on topics such as, the significance of humanity's unique creation for human personhood and the construction of culture; the underlying reasons for humanity’s destructive behavior toward self, others, and the environment; and the role that purpose and hope play in praxis.

The conference addressed questions such as:

  1. What does it mean to study humanity from both scientific and theological perspectives? 
  2. How might scholarship from Christian theology inform the work of anthropological ethnography and theory? 
  3. Might such integrative work yield results that are valuable for the purpose of solving human problems? 

The OKH conference was the culmination of the work of the OKH project (more information on the OKH project) and was funded by the John Templeton Foundation.  It took place at Eastern University, in the Philadelphia area, on May 28-30, 2015

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