Missiology and Anthropology Clubs, Trips, and Journals

Missions and Anthropology Clubs

The Christian Ethnographer Journal

The Christian Ethnographer is a student-run anthropological journal dedicated to enriching the field of Christian anthropology. We study anthropology in order to better understand God's creation and what it means to be created in His image, and our journal aims to explore these ideas through the writing of ethnographies.  We strive to give a voice to young anthropologists who can revitalize the discipline through a faith-based approach to ethnography.

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Missions Trips
Eastern students also participate in various missions trips around the globe including but not limited:

  • to New Orleans to help with Katrina relief
  • to Haiti where they partner with Beyond Borders
  • to the Dominican Republic where students work in El Fondo with Food for the Hungry and the Goshen Baptist Church

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