Frequently Asked Questions

What will my course look like?
While it’s hard to predict what your course will exactly look like since there isn’t one template for every course, we can guarantee you the following:

  • It will use a learning management system where you will find all of your assignments, course content and discussion boards for interacting with your classmates and instructor
  • The course will be interactive and use a variety of activities such as recorded lectures, video segments, games, case studies and group breakout areas
  • The course will be of the same academic rigor and quality of all other courses

How Do I Interact with My Classmates and Instructor?
Community is very important to the culture of Eastern University.  You will find that both your classmates and your instructor will want to communicate with you and have meaningful conversations.  These conversations will happen through E-mail, discussion boards, skype, g-chat and Wimba/Adobe Connect.  Wimba and/or Adobe Connect is a program built into the learning management system that allows you to share your desktop, use a white board, and has video and audio capabilities.

What is the Biggest Difference between Online Learning and in-class learning?
The way information is shared is different.  Sitting in a classroom requires active listening and the ability to process your thoughts in an oral manner through classroom discussion.  You also have the ability to observe information through demonstrations, presentations and even facial and body expressions.  In the online classroom, you can expect more reading and writing.  This will most likely improve these skills as you will need to become an expert at synthesizing and concisely conveying your ideas.

What is the Time Commitment?
Students enrolled in a 3 credit 6 week course should expect to spend 7 hours a week on course content such as lectures, discussion board, and in class group activities. In addition students should plan to spend 12-15 hours on assigned readings and assignments a week.

Are Online Courses Self-Paced?
No, while you may not have to be in the course at set times, your class still follows a syllabus with due dates for assignments.  It is expected that you are in the learning management system (Blackboard or Moodle) 3-5 times a week, actively participating in posting on the discussion board, submitting assignments and attending synchronous or asynchronous webinars.  All assignments have due dates and courses must be completed within the scheduled block of time.

What technology is recommended for Online Classes?
Students should have reliable access to a computer with basic word processing software, adobe reader and a current Internet browser such as Safari, Mozilla Fire Fox or Internet Explorer.  Students should have reasonable Internet access with a good connection.  It is also recommended that students have microphone and/or headset.

What if I need Technical Support?
For Technical support related to logging in to your email, the library database or the student portal, visit Academic Computing.

Is Online Learning Right for Me?
Students who excel in the online environment are self motivated, organized and manage their time wisely.  They also are proactive and start assignments early and seek help when they need it from instructors.  They are also comfortable using the computer and the Internet.

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