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Financial Aids

  • Research Assistantships
    Students who have successfully completed at least one year of study are eligible to apply for a research assistantship.  A research assistantship is typically given to students who are recommended by the faculty of first-year courses. The assistantship is for one year but is renewable.  Both new and repeated applicants for assistantship must submit applications each year.
  • Merit Scholarships
    All students are selected for admission to the Ph.D. program based on academic preparation, leadership experience, and alignment with Eastern's mission. For the early admission deadline (November 1st), candidates with superior academic qualifications will be considered for a $1,000 merit grant, to be applied to their first year tuition. A limited number of grants will be awarded to selected applicants in each academic year. Applicants who are not accepted based on the academic criteria required for the tuition grant will still be considered for regular admission.
  • Eastern University General Financial Aid.

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