Political Science Department

Why Choose the Political Science Department at Eastern?

The Political Science Department at Eastern University provides an innovative approach to the study of politics within a Christian worldview. Under the direction of "Choosing Eastern was the best choice I could have ever made. The teacher-student relationship is personal, and the teaching styles are just phenomenal. No class is just a lecture, it’s an interaction."
       Ryan Martin '15
       Political Science Major
experienced and caring faculty, students will be fully prepared to enter into any political or public sector of society. The Political Science degree at Eastern University allows students to critically analyze the relationship between faith, politics, and justice. It explores the interplay between the biblical call to pursue justice and the current understanding of political life and political science.

What the Political Science Department Offers

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Department of Political Science Mission Statement

The Department of Political Science at Eastern University is committed to developing an understanding of politics that is distinctly Christian in its assumptions and direction, such as the view that politics and government are integral parts of God’s Kingdom. The department’s mission includes introducing students to major subfields of the discipline: American government, comparative government, international relations, political theory, and public law. The department is committed to developing a critical understanding of political life, while encouraging an active engagement in light of the biblical call to pursue justice, stewardship, and peace.

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