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BS in Psychology

Why Major in Psychology?

The BS in Psychology at Eastern is a unique program which emphasizes those aspects of psychology which are intimately connected with the natural sciences, and which are experiment-oriented. Students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty members and to take upper-level courses in, for example, biopsychology and the systems and history of psychology.

 Alumni of the BS in Psychology program at Eastern University have careers as workers in residential treatment centers, psychiatric hospitals, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities. Other alumni have gone to graduate school to study psychometrics, medical health, clinical psychology and many have become counselors, clinical psychologists, as well as occupational therapists.

Why Major in Psychology at Eastern?

  • Integration of Psychology and Christian Faith: Students have the opportunity to develop their vocations as Christian scholars and practitioners in the field of psychology, and to understand psychological theory and practice from a distinctly Christian worldview, preparing them to serve in a variety of clinical, community, and research-based settings.
  • Multiple Track Options: We offer both BA (social science, clinical/counseling-oriented) and BS (natural-science, experimental-oriented) options. Students take coursework in both areas, but specialize their studies by pursuing a particular degree track. Both degree options have opportunities to do a research-based senior thesis and/or a practical internship experience.
  • Dedicated Faculty and Engaging Coursework: Our faculty offer diverse coursework and training across a range of domains in psychology, such as clinical/counseling psychology, developmental/ family issues, social psychology, experimental/biological psychology, and gender studies.
  • Committed to Excellence: Students have the opportunity to serve as research assistants on faculty-mentored research projects and to present at regional psychology conferences. Qualified students may also apply for membership in Psi Chi, our chapter of the International Psychology Honors Society, which sponsors several professional and service-related activities each semester. Additionally, the Philadelphia region provides a wide variety of exciting, career enhancing internships.
  • Off-Campus Connections: Eastern offers a unique 3 week faith-based psychology “Seminar by the Sea” in the coastal region of Maine. Drawing students from around the country, this gender studies course allows students to live in a community and explore what it means to be a man or woman in today’s society, with a focus on the ways in which gender informs and affects our lives.

Daniel Albohn

I recently graduated from Eastern University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Currently I am attending graduate school for my Master of Science in Clinical Psychology.  Eventually I hope to earn my PhD and conduct research in the field of psychology. Eastern University’s Psychology program is excellent for providing small, intimate class sizes, and genuine professor-student relationships, without sacrificing academic rigor or freedom to pursue one’s own interests within the field. Perhaps my greatest experience within the department was fostering relationships with my professors. When surrounded by experts who love what they do, it is not hard to gain a personal authentic desire for psychology.

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