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What follows is a listing of jobs as submitted to the School of Leadership and Development. As you scroll down, the listings become older. Please check the [Posted] date at the beginning of each listing. In addition, the School of Leadership and Development sometimes needs qualified adjunct faculty. If interested, please contact Mike Sheridan  msherida@eastern.edu   If you get a job after referring to this page, please let us know!! NOTE: The School of Leadership and Development takes no responsibility for the information on this page; we are often not notified when job postings are filled.  For internships, please click here.

Technical Advisor for Child Protection, Aspires/FHI 360, Washington, DC [8 April 2014]. Click here for the full job description.

Membership Manager, Sustainable Business Network, Philadelphia [3 April 2014]. This is a great organization located in Philly. Click here for more information.

Global openings, Samaritan's Purse [1 April 2014]. Click here for a listing of the latest opportunities with SP.

Volunteer Coordinator and Guesthouse Manager, northern Ghana [31 March, 2014]. The George Faile Foundation is actively recruiting someone to spend 10-12 months in rural West Africa, helping facilitate a volunteer program at a non-profit hospital. The Faile Foundation will pay for airfare, health insurance, housing, and a modest stipend. For more information, contact Peter Faile at peter.faile@gmail.com

Country Director, Children's Future International, Cambodia [11 March 2014]. Click here for more information.

Director of Marketing and Communications, Settlement School, Philadelphia [4 March 2014]. Click here for more information.

Program Director, Partners for Sacred Spaces, Philadelphia, USA [18 February 2014]. Click here from more information.

Many positions posted with the Mennonite Central Committee [13 February 2014]. Three Connecting Peoples Coordinator positions available in Palestine, Honduras, and Ukraine: CPCs work to develop relationships and build partnership among individuals, organizations and churches. This peacework includes hosting Learning Tours, working with exchange programs and connecting groups from various backgrounds and countries. Policy Analyst and Advocacy Coordinator in Haiti: Collaborate with partners in Haiti to identify the "big picture" issues that affect development and peacebuilding in Haiti. The worker will also serve as a bridge between Haitian partners and MCC constituents and lawmakers in North America. HIV Project Worker in El Salvador: Working with partners in areas of preventive health, economic empowerment, advocacy, and gender equality. Click here to access the MCC jobs webpage. (Because of the large number of individual openings, the specific webpage is not given; you will have to browse to find more details on positions mentioned here, but you will also see many more options).

Senior Program Advisor, Dominican Republic, Hope International [13 February 2014]. This important position and great opportunity requires Spanish language. Click here for more information.

Protection Advocacy, Liberia. [30 January 2014]. Africa Development corps is looking for a "qualified educator experienced in Peace Building for Education and Child Protection to provide overall support and guidance to education interventions in Lofa or Maryland County under a program supported by UNICEF." Click here for more information.

Regional Finance Officer, Boone, NC, USA [25 January 2014]. This position is based at Samaritan's Purse headquarters in the USA. Please note that this position requires lots of experience and a thorough knowledge of accounting. Click here for more information.

Development Associate, Esperanza, Philadelphia [15 January 2014]. Click here for more information about a great opportunity in grant-writing with a great organization.

[Listings from 2013 have been removed].

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