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Welcome to the Alumni pages of the School of Leadership and Development.

Please share the legacy of the leadership program that prepared you for who you are and what you are doing today. Continue to be a part of the SLD community and raise up the next generation of Christian development leaders.

SLD Alumni Feature

In this section you can read about our alumni, their stories and updates about the work they are doing. Click HERE to access the Alumni Feature section. Access the Alumni Testimonials section.

SLD Job Board

The SLD job board has moved to the "SLD Leads" website. Visit the new page. If you or your organization has any job postings, please send them to SLD.

Find Your Classmates

If you would like to get in touch with alumni, simply send an e-mail to sldalum@eastern.edu and we will forward it to your friend so the two of you can connect. Please ensure correct spelling of their names and yours, as well as your graduation date and e-mail address.

 Also, find us and friends on SLD's Facebook Page!

Alumni Recruiting Network

Are you interested in becoming part of our Alumni Recruiting Network? We'd like to establish a dependable group of alums in each region of the world who will regularly recruit students for the programs of SLD. Incentives include such things as reimbursement for regional conference fees and professional development through on-going education. We welcome other suggestions you may have. We have found that our best recruiting has come through the many alums over the years who have referred prospective students to our programs. We'd like to formalize the process and say "thanks". If you are interested in being part of this group, please send a note to SLD at sldalum@eastern.edu.

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