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SLD Quick Courses

This page links you to course resources. Want a syllabus? A reading list? Lectures? You are in the right place.

Advocacy and Human Rights
Applied Research and Evaluation
Best Practices of Christian Leadership
Capstone (Nonprofit Program)
Community Development
Cross-cultural Skills and Understanding
Development Field Practicum
Economic Development for Developing Countries
Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations
Global Financial Management
Human Resource Management (Nonprofit)
Human Resources and Performance Management (Leadership)
Introduction to Microfinance
Introduction to Sustainable Development
Issues in the Nonprofit Sector
Leadership and Empowerment - syllabus
Leadership and Empowerment  - bibliography
Leadership and Organizational Dynamics
Legal and Government Issues
Managerial Accounting (MBA course)
Managing for Optimal Performance
Market Development for Microenterprises (MBA course)
Marketing (Nonprofit)
Practical Financial Management
Program Planning (Development program)
Public Policy (Leadership)
Relief and Disaster Mitigation
Role of Nonprofit in Public Policy
Social Entrepreneurship
Spiritual Formation (Leadership)
Strategic Management (Nonprofit)
Strategic Thinking and Change Management (Leadership)
Theology of Poverty

Also: eLearning courses for development professionals are offered through PROFFS (Professional and Organizational Skill Development). Click here for the website.

DISCLAIMER: The information connected to this website is for demonstration purposes only. For example, a sample syllabus may not be the syllabus you actually receive when you enroll for a course as a student. Also, our courses are delivered in a variety of formats - some are offered with a 20-hour residency while others are completely offered in the classroom.

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