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Theatre Program

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Why Choose the Theatre Program at Eastern?


We offer small, integrative classes and sustained personal attention. 
We teach well-rounded, multi-skilled theatre-makers, not just performers. 
We feature an ensemble-based collaborative training program, Actors Lab*, which develops individual and ensemble growth and prepares students for professional and graduate theatre work.
We look for people who are interested in more than just theatre - who engage their minds through scholarship, integrate their bodies and imaginations through training, and express their faith and community service through collaboration.


We promote a philosophy of arts education which includes training students to encounter, examine and embody the truths of the human experience in radical relationship to Jesus, the Divine Incarnate. The example of Jesus’ life, teaching and passion inspires our belief that just as there is no “safe” Gospel worth living for, there is no “safe” art worth making or engaging with. We endeavor to make art that responds prophetically to the human condition, and acts responsibly in the dialogue of the Eastern University community.

What the Theatre Program Offers

Theatre Courses

Theatre Program Mission

  • To be creative stewards of the prophetic imagination
  • To train self-possessed, multi-skilled artists for work in theatre and related fields
  • To integrate theatre for collaborative creativity in other vocations

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