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Kimberlee Johnson

Chair, Urban Studies Department
Coordinator, Youth Development Concentration
Director, Center for Urban Youth Development

Dr. Kimberlee (K-lee) Johnson, a faculty member, serves as the Chair of the Urban Studies Department and Director of the Center for Urban Youth Development at the Campolo College for Graduate & Professional Studies at Eastern University.  Additionally she serves as the Youth Development concentration Coordinator and Advisor.

Community Involvement
She serves at the Tasker Street Missionary Baptist Church in Philadelphia as a Minister and is founder of the Fellowship of Women Clergy. Her memberships include:

She serves on the Board of Directors at Bridge of Hope National, whose mission is to empower homeless and at-risk mothers.  She is a contributor to PRISM Magazine. She is also in the process of developing JAM (Justice and Me), an organization educating about and advocating for juvenile justice.

Over the years Dr. Johnson has served the community, church, and world in numerous capacities, including: City of Philadelphia crisis intervention worker for youth, crisis pregnancy counselor for women & teens, educator, conference and retreat speaker, leadership developer, service learning & campus ministry coordinator, mentor, and developer of ministries. She has a particular love for the arts of drama and dance, and has engaged in individual ministry and urban youth ministry through these means. After being delivered from a cult in her college days, she became committed to living and sharing God’s Word and God’s love with others. She has always had a heart for service and missions and has engaged in short-term missions work in many countries, including Kenya, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. She has trained both college and high school students as mission team leaders and has conducted numerous missions fundraising workshops using her workbook, A How-to Guide for Support Raising.

Her most pressing social concerns are 1) sexual activity among Christian youth in Philadelphia and its social, physical, economic, and spiritual consequences and  2) injustices in the juvenile justice system.  Using her gift as an inspiring speaker, she welcomes the opportunity to share about these and other issues. She is founder and coordinator of O, YES!, a Christian conference for youth and youth workers about sexual issues.  When she really wants to let her hair down, she enjoys cooking for others, watching the Food Network, and traveling.

Dr. Johnson has a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Joseph’s University, a Master of Arts degree and Master of Divinity (in Counseling) degree from Biblical Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry degree in Urban Missiology from Westminster Theological Seminary.  She has completed post doctoral coursework in sociology at Temple University.

Dr. Kimberlee Johnson
Urban Studies Department
Eastern University | Philadelphia
3300 Henry Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19129
Phone 215-769-3128
Fax 215-848-2651
Email kjohnso2@eastern.edu

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