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Youth Development Concentration

youth development

Preparing professionals to serve youth in an urban context

Youth Development Concentration's Purpose

"Finally! an urban, youth-oriented Masters degree program that gets it! [Eastern's program] is "urbocentric" - specifically designed to ENGAGE, EQUIP and EMPOWER youth leaders who have been searching for skill sets, tools and resources to holistically re-connect a disaffected generation of urban youth. [The program] is configurable for a wide range of contexts and specializations, whether in ministry, social services, community and economic development ... Anyone involved with urban youth, needs to seriously check out this program."

--Robert Hepburn, Young Urban Black Male (YUBM) Ministries

Accommodating Program Format

  • Students complete the program with a Youth Development concentration in 2 or 3 years of active study
  • To accommodate working students, courses are offered in a blended online residency format, which allows students to participate in the program from around the world through online learning and a one week residency each semester.  During this residency, you must travel to our Philadelphia campus to participate in on-ground classes for the entire week.

Residencies are MANDATORY

Experience your Education

As a requirement for graduation, all students in the Youth Development concentration must complete:

  • A 1.5 credit Leadership Practicum in programming
  • A 1.5 credit Leadership Practicum in administration
  • A graduate thesis project

Admission Requirements
Graduation Requirements

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