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Howard Fellows Program (HFP)

Apply to be a Howard Fellow today.

Who are the Howard Fellows

The Howard Fellows Program exists so that Eastern students through scholarship can continue to support Eastern admission, marketing and other University departments with messaging through various channels that involve specialized marketing technologies.

Scholarship Associated with the HFP

The Howard Fellows grant amount can be found under the President's Prestigious Programs

HFP Core Values

  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Relationship

Specialized Marketing Technologies that Howard Fellows have supported include:

  • Content Management Systems for the Web
  • SEO
  • Social Media like Facebook, YouTube, twitter, google +, Pinterest
  • Blogs
  • Video capture and editing including EagleVision
  • Video Shorts produced by Howard Fellows Program
  • High Resolution Pictures
  • Researching upcoming and existing specialized marketing technologies
  • Mobile Solutions

How to become a Howard Fellow

A senior of High School age, needs to:

  1. Apply to Eastern to be considered for the HFP.
  2. Apply to Howard Fellows Program to be considered for the HFP.

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