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Howard Fellows Program (HFP)

The Howard Fellows Program exists so that Eastern students, through scholarship, can continue to support Eastern admission, marketing and other University departments with messaging through various channels that involve specialized marketing technologies.

Mission Statement

"Serving Eastern University's community with an innovative and integral spirit while gaining real world technological experience through rational mentorships”

Wow! We know that was a lot to take in. It only took us four years to create. It took us that long because we are passionate about who we are and it’s impossible to capture it all in a mission statement. We want you to read and watch our video to see who we are. There is no other program at Eastern University like ours. Enjoy a small glimpse of what it’s like to be a Howard Fellow.

You should also know that we are the living legacy of a pretty amazing man. If you haven’t guessed already his name is Harold Howard. He was born in Loogootee, IN in 1926, and became a History professor at Eastern in 1965. While at Eastern he started the degree completion program to help working adults acquire their college degrees. One of his students described Dr. Howard as “a true visionary, computer and technologically adept… his selflessness and unflinching service to Jesus helped Eastern University live up to its motto ‘The whole Gospel for the whole world’.”

What we ask of you as a Fellow

  • 4 hours of work per week with assigned mentor
  • Mandatory weekly group meetings with program coordinator(s)
  • Professionalism in the work place
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress at Eastern University

"The Howard Fellows program seeks to transform higher-education marketing practices by allowing students to participate in the process through the use of technology, incorporating values of integrity and innovation along the way. While working directly with knowledgeable professionals in various departments, students are given the opportunity to form lasting relationships with mentors and peers alike."  -Katherine Simpson (Senior, Class of 2015)

Read other student and mentor testimonials here.

Specialized Marketing Technologies that Howard Fellows have supported include: Content Management Systems for the Web; SEO; Social Media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest; Blogs; Video capture and editing, including EagleVision; Video shorts produced by Howard Fellows Program; High Resolution Pictures; Researching upcoming and existing specialized marketing technologies; Mobile Solutions

Scholarship Information

The Howard Fellows grant amount can be found under the President's Prestigious Programs.

To become a Howard Fellow:

  1. Apply to Eastern to be considered for the HFP.
  2. Apply to Howard Fellows Program to be considered for the HFP.

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