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Biblical Studies Curriculum

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Beyond Bible core, the following are required for the majors in Biblical Studies:

Course Number Course Name Credit
Introductory Courses 15
BIBL 201W Research Methods in Biblical Studies 3
PHIL 211 Faith and Philosophy 3
THEO 240 Theological Thinking 3
THEO Two Theology electives 6
Old Testament Courses (Choose TWO Courses)
BIBL 308 Genres of the Hebrew Bible
BIBL 310 History and Historiography in Ancient Israel
BIBL 312 Hebrew Prophets
BIBL 350 Wisdom Literature
BIBL 380 The Pentateuch
New Testament Courses (Choose TWO Courses)
BIBL 320 Jesus and the Gospel
BIBL 322 Life and Letters of Paul
BIBL 324 Gospel and Letter of John
BIBL 335 Early Judaism and the New Testament
BIBL 390 Hebrews and General Epistles
Culminating Senior Experience (Choose ONE Course)
BIBL 460 Biblical Texts in Context
BIBL 461 Genesis in Context
BIBL 463 Romans in Context
Subtotal Credit Hours for All Tracks:
Track One: Without Languages
THREE additional Biblical Studies (BIBL) electives 9
Subtotal Credit Hours 9
Total Credit Hours: 39
Track Two: With Languages 
THREE semesters of either Hebrew (HEBR) or Greek (GREE)
TWO additional Biblical Studies (BIBL) electives 6
Subtotal Credit Hours: 15
Total Credit Hours: 45

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