Center for Urban Youth Development

The Center for Urban Youth Development (CUYD) provides low cost or free training and resources for urban youth and those serving the needs of adolescents. Through the development of academic programs, workshops and certificate, special events, and instructional forums, we address the critical needs of both youth and youth workers. CUYD seeks to collaborate with organizations involved in transformational and social justice work among urban youth as well.

Non-degree Credit Classes in Youth Development

Are you interested in serving the needs of urban youth? Non-degree credit courses in youth development and youth ministry address the critical needs of both youth and those in youth services. Both lay people and professionals need the skills and educational foundation to support youth in making a successful transition to adulthood. The following classes are available for members of the community. Certificate and credit opportunities are available.

Advancing Youth Development
Introduces the youth development approach. Interactive sessions teach new ways to support young people and shares strategies to integrate a positive youth development approach in programs. Especially for front-line workers.

Supervising Youth Development Practice
Provides solid grounding in the youth development approach and shares strategies for supervising effective youth work practice. Especially for program managers and supervisors.

Urban Youth Culture
Examines the impact of social problems and popular culture on urban youth. Attention given to the values, attitudes, norms, and rituals of sub-cultures within the urban youth culture.

Emotional Intelligence
Introduces concepts to handle the emotions of self and others. Critical affective skills will be addressed, including communication and managing group dynamics. Especially for people who work with the public or who support youth.

Youth and Spiritual Development
This workshop explores the relationship between the religious involvement of youth and their developmental outcomes.

Other: Additional youth ministry or youth development workshops may be developed to fit the needs of your organization.

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